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My grandfather had a sister, Clara Chernorudskaya. She married a man named Getsi Finkelstein in Zhitomir (now in Ukraine), who owned a toy store. They had a son named Aron. She and Getsi divorced, and Getsi remarried. This is a 1926 picture of Getsi with the children from his second marriage.

Getsi Finkelstein & children, 1926

Clara emigrated to Chicago, and arranged for Aron, now known as Harry, to join her. She and Harry subsequently moved to Detroit, Michigan. Clara married again, to a painter/cabinet maker named Eugene Weisz, with whom she had a daughter, Elsie. Elsie married Jay Vogt, and had 2 sons: David Eugene Vogt and Charles Vogt.

I have been trying to reconnect to David Eugene and Charles Vogt since I interviewed their mother 20 years ago. If anyone out their in the ether can help me reconnect with them or their children, I would be greatly appreciative.

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