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It’s Follow-up Friday – time to share with my blog community how others have reacted to my posts since the Family History Writing Challenge began.

Melissa responded to my February 5 post about my great-aunt Clara, the midwife. Melissa has found the names of midwives on birth certificates she has found researching her husband’s family history. She suggested I check birth certificates in Chicago. I would have been willing to troll through hundreds of thousands of birth records for Cook County – they were on Family Search just last month – but they have since been removed. Bah, humbug!

Debra responded to my post on February 5 about Berdichev. She lamented that she didn’t speak Yiddish, and told a familiar story. Her grandfather refused to let the family speak Yiddish so they could assimilate thoroughly into American life. I, too, regret that I don’t speak Yiddish. Luckily, I do speak, read, and write Russian, which has helped my genealogy research considerably.

Several readers commented on last Friday’s post, in which I included my grandmother’s recipe for blintzes. Connie complimented me for the post and said that including the recipe made it much better. Thanks, Connie! Anne – one of my real world friends —  said that if I didn’t make some, she would. I can now report that Friendship Dairies, of upstate New York, makes farmer’s cheese, but it is distributed only on the East Coast. I am now all fired up to make blintzes again! When I return from my husband’s family reunion this weekend, I’ll check my local food purveyors and health food stores.  I will see if I can recreate the heavenly taste I remember from my childhood.



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