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Saturday, June 6

Source: Southern California Genealogical Society

Source: Southern California Genealogical Society

In “Epidemics and Pandemics,” Craig Scott covered basic public health terminology to give attendees background enough to distinguish between normal disease occurrences and epidemics. He also described a dozen different conditions that we don’t see often in the United States today, but that were routinely experienced in earlier generations.

Paula Stewart-Warren described record sets pertaining to people who were poor enough to receive services from faith-based or government poorhouses/poor farms, children’s homes, and orphanages. Examples she gave ranged from Florida to New England, Arkansas to Wisconsin, and beyond. Although I have worked with orphanage records, I was not familiar with most of those mentioned, and now have some new paths to trace.

Another intriguing talk was “Civil War Matrons, Nurses, Laundresses, and Cooks.” Many women took part in the Civil War in a civilian capacity, and Angela Walton-Raji described the documents that confirms that service. These stories are not often told, and they need to be.

I am a DNA cousin (who isn’t?) of AJ Jacobs, who held the World’s Largest Family Reunion in New York on June 6. An enthusiastic crowd of AJ’s cousins celebrated virtually in the Burbank Marriott Convention Center lobby by singing “We Are Family” along with Sister Sledge, who were streamed onto a large screen. Beach balls were flying among the dancers and singers. Check out the video! https://www.facebook.com/SouthernCaliforniaGenealogyJamboree?fref=nf.

I also attended “Sprocket to Me,” which was given by Rhonda Vigeant. It was not listed as a sponsored lecture, but it was basically an exercise in self-promotion interspersed with some cute family home movies digitized so that people today could see and appreciate them after they gathered dust for 50 years.

How does Michael Lacapo pronounce his name? Inquiring minds want to know. It’s Lah’-kuh-po. His after-dinner speech at the SCGS banquet drew tears and cheers, as he tracked down his biological father and mother using DNA and traditional, shoe-leather genealogical techniques.

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