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This photo has always fascinated me, perhaps because of the odd angle at which it was framed.

The Pekler Sisters, Zhitomir, c 1917

This is a formal shot of four Pekler sisters – Esther, Raya, Bertha, and Tanya. All four are wearing corsages with two flowers, either pinned or held in place on a chain. The fashion plate on the far right wearing the fancy collar and hair bow is my grandma Tanya. She was the eldest, but looks younger, I think, because of her round face. Esther (on the left) is the youngest, but looks older than her age because of the dowdy hairdo. This photo was probably taken in Zhitomir, their home town, I would guess about 1917, when grandma would have been 19, and Esther, about 12.

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  1. Adam Share says:

    Another precious nugget. Its weird to look at this and remember Grandma Tonnia from my childhood, and then realize that Esther was at my wedding in 1990, when I was 30.

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