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I’ve spent the last few hours roaming the screens of a Russian-language genealogy website, the name of which translates to Jewish Roots:


The site is jam-packed with conversations among Russian-speaking genealogists about their family names, geographic locations, and ways to find out more about it all. My Russian is rusty, but I read well enough to identify the gist of the threads. I found a huge discussion about documents that come from Zatische, a tiny agricultural colony in southern Ukraine where my great–granduncle Velvel Sirota farmed grapes and other fruit more than 100 years ago. I also gathered some material about Berdichev, the town where my grandfather, Benjamin Chernorudsky, was born. I will be spending the next few days translating the materials that I’ve cut/pasted so far. And there’s more to explore…A genealogical Eden!

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