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My grandmother’s family name was Pekler. Her father was Naftula (also known as Anatole in the US) Pekler. Naftula Pekler had at least 2 brothers, who lived in Zhitomir, Ukraine, Their first names, may have been Alexander and Ioine (Jonah). One of them owned either a shoe store or a hardware store. I don’t know if he had sisters. There is some evidence that Naftula was born in Chernigov, not Zhitomir, where the family name may originally have been Schnurman…

Naftula married Eugenia Gumenik who bore his children (Alexander, Matus, Tanya [my grandmother, born 1896], Raya, Berta, Ester, and Philip [Pinchas] in Zhitomir, Ukraine.

Great-grandfather and family immigrated to Chicago with the help of HIAS and their sponsors (the Cheskis family) in 1922, after spending a year in Rovno, Poland with false papers.

There may have been some Peckler relatives who moved to Boston, but apparently they were not close, and lot contact with each other.

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