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Genealogy News About the Kishinevsky, Klebansky, Chernorudsky & Pekler Families

Kishinevsky: I first met Alex Kishinevsky of San Francisco 5 years ago, after discovering via email that his family was originally from Tiraspol, and seeing family photos showing a strong resemblance between his uncle and my grandfather Jacob Kishinevsky aka Neff. So, for my dad’s birthday present, I arranged for Alex’s and dad’s DNA to be tested. Turns out, however, that they shared only 3 of 12 DNA markers, so we are not actually related. Nevertheless, Alex and his wife Diana joined mom, dad, cousins Shelley and Jenny Schreiber, and me at a family dinner in San Francisco (see Chernorudsky). There is more to family, after all, than mere blood ties.

I also met Kishinevsky cousins (Marianne and Viviane Lempert, Jane Kishinevsky Nisel and Elizabeth Kishinevsky Rothschild while in Israel last summer. Jane kindly invited me to Shabbat dinner at her home in Jerusalem; Elizabeth and I chatted for hours over dinner; and Marianne and Viviane visited the National Museum with me, shared their home, took me to the theatre, and arranged for me to visit Petach Tikvah.

Klebansky: One strong motivation to visit Israel, despite my concern about safety, was to visit my great-grandmother Anna Klebanskaya Cheifetz’s grave in Petach Tikvah. She and her 2nd husband, Shlomo Zalman, were founders of the kibbutz there. At the cemetery, the cabdriver found someone to take me to the grave and say kaddish. The stones are inches apart, no grass anywhere. Shlomo, one of his sons, and his daughter-in-law were buried next to Anna. It may have been the first time in decades kaddish was said over their graves, and I was in tears the whole time.

Chernorudsky: While researching in Israel last summer, I found Pages of Testimony for several individuals named Chernorudsky from Berdichev. Although I could not find the man who submitted the data, I subsequently found Morris Chernorudsky, a professional pianist from Berdichev now living in Tel Aviv. My mom, dad, and I met him during a 10-person, multi-lingual dinner at Shelley Schreiber’s new home in San Francisco. We can’t prove where the 2 families link together, but have made Morris an honorary member of the family anyway. Morris has agreed to have his DNA tested, so if any Share males are interested (the Y chromosome is used, so it has to be a male), please let me know.

Pekler/Gumenik: At the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People, I found 19th century microfilmed marriage records for Zhitomir. One 1845 marriage was between a woman named Eugenia and Khaim Gersh Abramovich Gumenik. I believe this Eugenia is the woman that my great-grandmother Eugenia Gumenik Pekler was named after. I also found 15 Peklers from towns in Poland (none from Zhitomir) listed in the records from the Red Cross International Tracing agency. A new online resource lists the shareholders in the Jewish Colonial Trust (a forerunner of Bank Leumi), among them, Jona Pekler from Zhitomir. I have a postcard addressed to our Peklers from Jona Pekler, so he must have been a relative.

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