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Genealogy News About the Kishinevsky, Klebansky, Chernorudsky & Pekler Families


Keep your eyes open for the official invitation. My committee [Laurie Neff Schlichter, Rachel Neff Schooler, and Jack Neff; other volunteers welcome!] and I need to identify a suitable location somewhere in the Los Angeles area. Start saving your pennies now for a weekend bash that will include at least a banquet and an outdoor picnic. All relatives from all branches (thus, the kitchen sink theme) will be welcome.

Kishinevsky/Zeilikovich/Sirota: It’s the end of an era. The last two of my grandpa Jack Neff’s sisters, Bea Penn and Sadelle Brass, died in 2005, at ages 101 and 104, respectively. When I last visited Sadelle in 2004, she was still playing 1920s pop tunes and Rachmaninoff on the piano, her hair still styled and her fingernails painted a bright fuchsia. Bea was ill even then, but she chatted with me with apparent pleasure. I will miss them both. On the research side, digitized versions of the Chicago Tribune revealed many stories about Nevskys and Neffs, including a 1901 profile of the man who delivered Sadelle, with a small oval photo of Sadelle included in the spread. The society pages printed an engagement announcement for Thelma who had already eloped, then got married a second time to the same man.

Klebansky/Vatnik/Kheifetz: Grandma Sophie Klebanskaya Neff’s sister, Jeanette, may or may not have been married four times, but I was never able to find marriage certificates to prove it. Grandma told me Jeanette had been married on board ship to the first husband, a Polish Catholic man. Jeanette had a baby, who died. The husband then abandoned her to enter the priesthood (or so the story goes).This year, I found a ship manifest showing that Jeanette had indeed married Franz Laskiewicz at Ellis Island. I subsequently found Jeanette’s second marriage to Arturo Fabbri, a violinist. By 1920, they had split up and Arthur was keeping company with a floozy involved in a major Chicago murder scandal, but that’s another story.

Chernorudsky: Uncle Si [Isaiah Share] has agreed to have his DNA tested. I will soon send Morris Chernorudsky (born in Berdichev, now in Tel Aviv) a DNA test kit and we’ll determine if the two men share a common ancestor. (I hope this works out better than the Kishinevsky test I did for my dad last year!) I recently ordered a set of three microfilm reels that include copies of 19th century Russian-language documents from the Berdichev region. Because I read Russian, I’ll be able to translate the indexes to determine if any Chernorudskys are included.

Pekler/Gumenik: I found the announcement of Philip Peckler’s graduation from pharmacy school and several other small items in the digitized Chicago Tribune. Watch this space for updates!

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Wishing you all a happy Chanukah, and a healthy and prosperous 2006!

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  1. mitchell kriegman says:

    hi i’d like to find out if you ever received more info on chernorudsky especially my great grandfather on my mother’s side.

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