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My father’s family was Kishinevsky, from Tiraspol, Moldava. Obviously at some unknown time, the family originated in Kishinev.

My great-grandfather was Emanuel Kishinevsky. In the Old Country, the family was Chasidim.

Great-grandpa Emanuel had a sister Sara who married Isai Lempert and migrated to Sweden. Isai’s granddaughters (Marianne and Viviane Lempert), Jane Kishinevsky Nisel, and Elizabeth Kishinevsky Rothschild all live in Israel.

Emanuel’s son Isaac was a cigar maker who married Lena (nee Zeilikovich) in Tiraspol and had seven children: Adella, Jacob, Lydia, Martha, Thelma, Sadelle, and Bertha. Isaac immigrated to Chicago in 1896 and sent for his family 3 years later.

My grandfather, Jacob Kishinevsky (aka Nevsky, aka Neff) (1884–1948), was an apprentice photographer with an uncle in Odessa. He immigrated to Chicago USA with his sisters and mother. Isaac’s brothers, Leib/Louis and Moishe/Morris, also came to Chicago and changed their name to Newlander.

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  1. Dasha says:

    Hi Jane,

    I have developed a habit of sorts to google my family name – “Kishinevsky” from time to time. In part, because I’d like to know more about my family’s roots and, in part, because my mother has lost touch with pretty much everyone from this side of the family.

    Normally, the searches are fruitless but, this time, I was pleasantly surprised to find this site.

    My maternal grandfather, Josef Kishinevsky, was born in 1909 in Benderi, Moldova (the city is also sometimes called Tighina). His father was Gedali-Gertz Haimovich Kishinevsky.

    I was actually born in Kishinev (just like my mother) but we live in Atlanta, GA.

  2. Henning Saietz says:

    Hello Jane,

    Marianne and Vivianne Lempert, living in Tel Aviv, are my cousins, since their mother, Gerda Saietz m. Lempert, is a sister of my father, Marcus Saietz.

    I live in Denmark, where all the cousins of Marianne and Vivianne(on their mother’s side) are living.

    Thank you for your nicely looking home page.

    I will send a link to this page to Marianne and Vivianne, though it is most probable, that they know it already.

    Best regards

    • Jane Neff Rollins says:

      Hi Henning.
      Thank you so much for posting a comment to the KitchenSinkGenealogy website. I am sorry that I did not reply earlier to your post. I lost the password to my blog, but now I found it again.
      I am so glad that you like this web site. I met Marianne and Vivianne when I traveled to Israel in 2004. We had a wonderful time together. I recently spoke to Sussi as well. Perhaps one day I will visit Denmark, and we will be able to meet also.
      Best wishes,

  3. hello,
    I live in France (Paris)
    My family come from Tiraspol (Ukrainia) and Tighina (now in Moldavia).
    My grand father Name was Joseph and his wife (my grand mother) Rose Raphallovitch
    My parents migrates to France in 1938
    I have a cousin who is leaving in Israel (her father changed the name in Kishon)

    It’s all I know. May be we are same family?

    • Jane Neff Rollins says:


      I apologize for not replying sooner. Do you have any family pictures from early 1900s? Perhaps we could see a family resemblance. I will be in Paris for the IAJGS conference in July. Let’s plan to meet then.

      • Richard Schuricht says:

        Hi Jane
        Are you Jane Neff married to Dan L. Rollins
        I have you born 25 Jan 1952
        is this correct?
        My name is Richard Lee Schuricht and I live in Southern California
        Do you have 2 children?
        Please contact as we are cousins.

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